It’s Great to be Back! – Where do I even start!?

The Music Entrepreneur started in April of 2017. I was living in Scotland and working as a full-time performer, mostly in Edinburgh. I had recently had an operation to remove polyps from my vocal cords (quite a scary problem to have as a pro singer). By hiring local artists to sing as I played guitar (and splitting my pay in half) I was able to keep my gigs that March. A by-product of that situation was to have some real candid conversation with these artists about the music scene and the challenges one faces living as a full-time musician.

That was literally the foundation of this blog. As someone that had done pretty well as a performer in Toronto then moved to Europe and replicated that success, I believed I had some valuable knowledge to impart. What followed were 5/6 amazing months (and my last in Edinburgh) where I was able to reach more and more people with this blog. This culminated in August 2017 when I had over 4 thousand visitors to this blog. My Insta account had grown rapidly to over 2k followers (which isn’t huge but it’s a good start).

As a blogger, you start researching different tips and tricks to find success with your blog. The biggest tip I keep seeing time and time again was consistency. I am proof that consistency with any project truly is a key ingredient of the recipe for success. I say this because when I moved home, things tapered off with my consistency regarding The Music Entrepreneur Blog, and it showed in the visitor numbers. 

To drive this point home take a look at some of my stats from the TME blog over time:

As you can see, things heated up pretty quickly leading into the summer of 2017. After I moved back home at the end of summer, my numbers began to dip. This has to do with consistency (or my lack of it). It leaves me wondering where I would be today if I hadn’t taken my foot off the gas…

These are challenges I’m still learning to overcome. I’ll be honest, I wish I hadn’t let this project slip by the wayside, but a lot was going on in my life at the time. I was moving from Scotland back home to Canada after two years living abroad (it was unbelievable btw).

I had to fully sink my teeth into re-establishing myself and my music business back in Canada. As you can imagine, it is a lot of work. It’s no excuse though. As it turns out the flame still burns, and my desire to get started back up is stronger than ever. I’ve learned a ton in the last 2 years during this hiatus. What I should have done was to document and share everything as I went along re-establishing myself. It would have given a clear example of steps you can all apply in your own lives as musicians hoping to use this passion to make money. I can’t change what happened, but the good news is that I have learned a TON of new things. I’ve started new types of businesses that can be replicated by anyone ambitious and hard-working enough. And then…COVID-19 (and this pandemic) entered our lives. 

This has changed everything but also, it’s changed nothing at all. It’s really just cranked up the dial on a situation that always existed – which was – making a living as a musician takes hard work and thinking outside the box (and consistency). Professional musicians have had to pivot, plan, plot, and strategize on different ways to make money during this time. 

I want to share my knowledge about everything I’ve encountered over the past 2 years and during this pandemic. I want to inspire you to reach the heights of the potential living inside of you. Lastly, I am creating a community through my blog and social media of like-minded musicians that want to work together so we can all learn from each other. Maybe you will find a band member through this community or just learn of a new way to offer your music services. We will become THE PLACE for musicians to network and communicate to foster success in life.

I’m not going to promise “x” amount of blog posts per week or month. What I can say is that I’m really excited to be back doing this and that I have a TON to cover. It won’t be very long at all until my next blog post. Please comment below if there are any topics you’d like me to cover. How has Covid-19 affected your life as a pro musician? Have you been able to adapt? As always guys, Take it Easy, see you soon!

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Brad Performing at the Library Bar (Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, November 2017).

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