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The Learning NEVER ends! Hey guys! As you know, being an entrepreneur (a Music Entrepreneur, wink) means you are constantly learning about new ways to improve your business. Behind every newly learned lesson are a dozen new questions about something you've maybe never even heard of. This is both the exciting and the tedious nature of [...]

Overcoming the crippling fears and anxieties about being a pro musician – Why you HAVE to believe in yourself and focus on your strengths!

Hi Fam!! Today is all about being inspired and overcoming fear. I want to talk to you if you have doubts that are holding you back. A slight shifting of your attitude could dramatically improve your situation as a pro musician. Please remember to share this article so that we can help as many people [...]

This useful trick can help you to book gigs in your city! Take the “back way” in!

Getting a shoe in the door, as a musician, is a very challenging part of what we do. There are so many musicians trying to gain a spot on the rosters of venues everywhere. When it comes to how to find gigs it's super important to be persistent and to not quit.

How to play gigs for agencies/booking agents. Tips and tricks to get yourself on the roster and be in demand.

This article is designed to educate you (and give you tips) about how to perform gigs for booking agencies. I'll talk about the Pros and Cons and give you an overview of my experiences in this world. Hopefully there is a lot you will be able to take out of this article and apply to [...]

Time waits for no one. Live your dream. Be a Music Entrepreneur!

The video is FINALLY here! This is my Inspirational Music Entrepreneur Video. Michael Dodds of G6 ( has been hard at work helping me put this video together so a HUGE thanks to you, Micheal. It was such a pleasure working together! This is footage from Tuesday, August 8th 2017 in Edinburgh. I performed three [...]