Time waits for no one. Live your dream. Be a Music Entrepreneur!

full time musician

The video is FINALLY here! This is my Inspirational Music Entrepreneur Video. Michael Dodds of G6 (www.group6productions.com) has been hard at work helping me put this video together so a HUGE thanks to you, Micheal. It was such a pleasure working together!

This is footage from Tuesday, August 8th 2017 in Edinburgh. I performed three shows and documented my day to inspire you to chase your dreams of playing music as well! It isn’t the easiest path to success. Many people tell us we can’t be full-time musicians. That it is too hard. They say it doesn’t pay enough or that it isn’t a realistic career. I’m here to smash that stigma. Not only can you make money playing gigs, or teaching lessons, but you can grow your brand as a musician and leverage your brand to limitless heights in order to achieve things you never knew were possible from the onset! Don’t let anyone tell you who you are or how to live your life.

I think I’ve said enough here, however, for proper SEO ranking it is recommended to write at least 300 words LOL. The more you learn about things (whether its life, or music, or business…or SEO…) the more you realize you don’t know! That’s why you gotta try for yourself and see what kind of doors you can open. I believe we regret the things we don’t do more than the mistakes we make along the way in life. I’d never encourage you to be reckless, but I think you owe it to yourself to put yourself in a position where you can try!

Anyways, about this video, I paid a buddy to make it for me. I was trying to save up money but I knew I would regret the shit out of not making it. I think it’s a very inspiring video. On top of that though, I think it’s an amazing momento. A snippet of my life overseas living as a musician in Edinburgh, Scotland. I went over with no music contacts and became one of the most busy musicians in town. I made amazing friends, too. The people, the city, the work, the time with my amazing woman, everything about it was amazing and I forever have this video to remember these good times. I’m sure I’ve hit my 300 word quota by now but I just want to wish you well in your journey forward. It takes many small steps and there may be setbacks. If you prepare for it though you can do great and will be able to make many amazing memories for yourself. Living the life you are meant to live!

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