For my dear friend, Cheyne Halliday.

Friday May 5, 2017

It is with both the heaviest of broken hearts and the deepest of pride that I introduce this week’s Featured Artist:

Cheyne Halliday (Musician, Performer, Recording Artist, Looper, dear friend, beloved son and brother, and so much more.) We lost Cheyne this week as the result of an accident he suffered in Malta. He will be sorely missed.

I’ll always remember walking into my gig at Madogs Club in Edinburgh in April 2016 and seeing Cheyne’s smiling face as I put down my guitar to begin setting up my stuff to play some music. We had met once before (a week prior, at Madogs). He approached me and said “Hey mate I’m a looper too” as he enjoyed what I did with my looping pedal. He told me he would come and see me again the following week and when he actually showed up I snickered to myself, “Who is this shaggy haired blonde kid? He’s quite keen and so friendly”.

Kinda rare for someone to follow through on their word like that, especially someone you don’t know very well. But that was his character. He was so incredibly genuine. He was a hell of a guy and an amazingly talented artist. In no time he became like a little brother to me and I was so proud to see him playing shows and recording his EP “Tempus Neminem Manet”. That was his motto and it means Time waits for no one. As a person he knew this and lived accordingly. By age 23 he had lived such an interesting life. He had spent time in Ireland, South Africa, Scotland, and had sailed across the world working on yachts. Everywhere he travelled he left an undeniable mark on those lucky enough to meet him. His spirit, playfulness, and zest for life was so remarkable and irreplaceable. The world’s “hue” has changed indefinitely, it’s colours and shades are slightly more dull today.


As we grieve, let’s remember the amazing guy that Cheyne “Shiggy” Halliday was. He was  kind, charming, ambitious, talented, humble, great looking, and for all of the great things he had going for him it never got to his head, one bit. It is clear that he comes from a family of amazing people.

As an artist Cheyne loved using his looping pedal. He had a great energetic live show and wrote fantastic music. He even produced and recorded a song for me and wouldn’t accept anything in payment as he just wanted to help me out. He would always put others first, I couldn’t understand it sometimes. I can get stressed if I don’t get the things I need to get done during my day (and be kind of selfish that way), but not this kid! This was a special, special guy. His legacy will always live in me, in teaching me to be better with people and generally a more open person towards others.

His musical legacy will also live on. His “Tempus Neminem Manet” EP was a finely crafted piece of art that needs to be cherished and enjoyed forever. Cheyne’s EP was comprised of 4 songs (I’ve placed the YouTube links below, click the song name to enjoy it):

  1. Lives to Love
  2. Here it Goes Again
  3. Tempus Neminem Manet (Time Waits for No One)
  4. Best Last Day


He had many other great songs as well. One of my absolute favourites was “I Just Might”. However Cheyne touched your life I’m sure his impact will be long lasting and profound. This playful soul brought so many of us together. What stood out the most for me was his desire to bridge gaps between people. Whether you were a musician or not, no one was being left behind. He brought musicians together to jam and create together. He brought people who didn’t play an instrument to the jams just to enjoy and share and create a community of great people enjoying music and life together. He was always looking for new ways to spread to love and unity.

As I browsed his YouTube channel today I was appalled with myself to see that I had not yet subscribed to it yet. After everything he did to bring us musicians together as friends, after how much genuine support I’ve received from this great man, I was ashamed that I didn’t think to do something so simple as so subscribe and support Cheyne with everything he tried to do. After all, click over to the “Community Page” I created (top right corner of my website) and take a look at the one sole comment I have there. It isn’t to complain about anyone so please don’t take it that way, but Cheyne was the only person who took the time to go to that page and leave a comment as he knew how much this project means to me. The energy and time that this lad had for people is one in a million, if that. We lost an insanely amazing young man.

I’ve taken that lesson to heart. Support your friends and family in whatever they are trying to do. Create the community that people need to feel a part of something. Be there for each other and not because it will bring you something, but because it will make the world better. Cheyne was wise beyond his years, and I shall never forget him for the rest of mine! All my love lil’ bro! Rest in Peace.

Cheyne’s YouTube Channel

Cheyne’s good friend Micheal started a crowdfunding page to help with Cheyne’s medical treatment. The link below will take you there if you wish to donate. All proceeds are being donated to a charity in line with what it is felt Cheyne would have wanted (From what I’ve heard it involves providing musical opportunities for marginalized youth). Please feel free to get involved with that. Thanks Micheal for setting that up and helping Cheyne’s Family:

Cheyne’s CrowdFunding Page

My deepest condolences to Cheyne’s friends and family.



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  1. Linda Williams Avatar
    Linda Williams

    That was soo beautiful to read ..I live in Malta and want to get an urgent message to his family …do you have any contacts ???

    1. May I ask what it’s concerning? May be quicker for me to reach out?

  2. I saw the email of that was you and I sent the message away 🙂 thank you very much for the support!

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