The new “Featured Artists” opportunity

Share your original music, gain followers, impact the World!

I’m really excited about the new “Featured Artists” feature here at TME. I’m dedicated to furthering opportunities for independent musicians such as yourself and this is just one of the services I am offering, totally for free!

Every Friday morning I will be updating this page (as well as the TME Instagram/Twitter feed) with photos, bio info, and links to one artists webpage and their social media accounts. I want to promote you and all your hard work as a music entrepreneur. Let’s grow this together so that we can be inspired by each other and share our love of music.

How can you be considered for this opportunity? It’s easy. Simply visit the “Featured Artists” page and sign up when prompted by leaving your email address. I’ll scout out the artists that apply and I will select artists that are keeping their social media accounts updated with great content (whether you’re playing gigs, recording music, or what, I wanna see you doing your thing with passion and dedication!).

I’ve chosen a great artist to begin the “Featured Artists” campaign with a bang. I hope you check him out. He’s one of the busiest music entrepreneurs I know and is an insane guitarist! Head on over, sign up, and enjoy the content as it unfolds. One of these weeks I’m sure it will be you up there! I can’t wait to get to know you as artists!

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