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Musicians of Toronto, have you heard of this new opportunity to perform for the TTC?

Hey guys! A pretty cool opportunity for musicians has come up and it involved performing for the TTC - Toronto Transit Commission. They are looking for new musicians to perform on TTC grounds. On top of having a great opportunity to perform, get paid tips, sell...

How-to achieve a higher SEO ranking with Yoast for WordPress.

The Learning NEVER ends! Hey guys! As you know, being an entrepreneur (a Music Entrepreneur, wink) means you are constantly learning about new ways to improve your business. Behind every newly learned lesson are a dozen new questions about something you've maybe never...

How to get paid tips while playing gigs

"...Flat out asking for tips can be a little tacky (in my opinion) and I try to avoid doing that. I've heard some guys and gals that are really good at doing just that. Unfortunately for me though, I'm not a natural salesman. That's why I really love this method..."...

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My List of Live Music Faux-Pas. Please don’t do these live music faux-pas to performers!!!

Most people are great, as I’ve said. You always get those few who have to spoil it for everyone. It boils down to basic consideration. We chose to be live performers. We never chose to be treated like crap. If you’re going out for an evening with your friends then appreciate their company, the venue, the staff, and the musician that is working hard to make your night fun and memorable. Don’t do anything on my list of live music faux-pas

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The One-Two Punch that is Gigging AND Booking Gigs!

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great, fun, and productive summer. I used to work for a booking agent that will remain nameless. This guy would show up at the venue, where he booked my buddy and I in as a duo to pay us $200.00CAD, in person. We found out from the...

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