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Friday July 28, 2017: Paul Woida

Paul W

Tuesday June 27, 2017 : Madison Clements 



Friday May 12, 2017 : Marissa Michaela 



Friday May 5, 2017 : Cheyne Halliday (You will always be remembered!)



Friday April 28, 2017 : Enzo Boldrini

It is with a ton of excitement that I introduce you to our first Featured Artist:

Enzo Boldrini (Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Recording Engineer and Producer/Booker)

Enzo in Toronto alongside the famous Paul Shaffer


Enzo is from Toronto, Canada and is one of the most busy musicians I know. Between fronting his own band “The Better Half”, playing in the “Truly Band” wedding band, doing acoustic shows, and recording local artists, he has turned his passion for music into a flourishing music career. On top of this, Enzo also does bookings in various venues in the Greater Toronto Area. He plays a mean guitar and has the vocals to back it up (and then some) but don’t take my word for it, check Enzo out on Instagram.

Don't Let Me Down #thebeatles #beatles @millstreetbrewpub @millstreetbrew @betterhalfband

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Enzo specializes in playing soul music and the blues. He has also been recording his own music and the music of others for over a decade. He truly knows what it is to diversify as a music entrepreneur. If you are in the Toronto area and are interested in having your music recorded by a seasoned pro then I recommend you get in touch with this easy to work with chap on social media.

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Keep killing it Enzo! We all look forward to seeing what is next!