Hi there!

A gig opportunity has just come across my desk. A colleague of mine is looking for musicians to work in a very reputable wedding/events band. I love hooking you guys up with opportunities so if any of you are looking for work in an events band this post is for you. This opportunity is legit and I wish you all the best of luck if you decide to apply as a candidate.

What they are looking for:

My colleague is looking to staff out a band for events that are already booked as of summer 2018, onward. He needs pros with the following skills:

  1. Vocals
  2. Guitar
  3. Bass
  4. Keys
  5. Drums or
  6. Horns

To be considered for this opportunity you must have:

  1. Considerable experience
  2. Links to videos (Place in comments section below to apply)
  3. A music degree is preferred but isn’t mandatory
  4. If you have references they would love to see them
  5. A professional attitude. This is a professional band with many bookings already and more to come.
  6. Experience playing in wedding/event bands
  7. Ability to sight read charts
  8. Versatility
  9. Time for 1 to 2 rehearsals per month
  10. A considerable repertoire of songs (including jazz, top 40 pop, classic rock, and classic soul)
  1. Great pay
  2. Steady reliable work
  3. Being a part of a reputable brand
  4. The opportunity to work with an organized and professional team that understands the needs and interests of it’s musicians
  5. This company is very in demand. Be a part of it
  6. Enjoyable work and environement
  7. It’s another way to be a music entrepreneur 😉
How to Apply:

Post a link to your website or some video footage of you performing in the comments section below. A rep from the company will be in touch shortly!

My advice to you:

By compiling everything pertaining to the “requirements” section it will speed up the process and give you a better chance to be considered for this position. Whatever the outcome, it’s good to have all of this info compiled in one easy-to-share place to help you apply for any other opportunities of this type. I’m really happy to be able to bring this opportunity to you guys.

If you’re looking for a great work opportunity then this one can definitely pan out for you. I know the guy looking for artists and have heard of the company and they are big players in the Toronto events scene.

As you apply you will be given all the pertinent information.


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