This week I am proud to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Delon Om. Where do I start…? We met in high school and were brought together by our mutual love of music. We’ve forged a friendship that has stood the test of time and I couldn’t be more happy about that. Delon has shared a stage with some very prominent names and is positioning himself for great things to come his way in the near future.

Musically, Delon is a soulful singer that accompanies himself on both the piano and the guitar. Delon is a thoughtful song writer (writing both music and well crafted lyrics). I would describe his style as modern, soulful, and melodic. Delon always manages to stay in tune with the progression of music, which is no easy feat. If you are trying to imitate the current musical “vibe” in pop music than you are usually too late. Delon’s writing and production always seem to find a way to stay current and relevant given the shifting winds of the changing musical landscape. Delon impresses me with this ability, big time.

Delon's newest release "American Nights"

Another strong attribute of Delon’s game is his ability to market himself and network. Delon knows the value of making strong relationships in the musical community of the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond. From working with local musicians and producers to opening for Sean Paul in Jamaica (at the 13th annual Caribbean Hall of Fame Awards) and artists such as Genuine, Delon utilizes his reach to put a strong team together and to be a doer. He hires great videographers, great photographers, and has a great recording team that manages to capture his essence, with his guidance of course.

Having a strong team of people in your inner circle to make sure you are putting your best foot forward is such an important part of being a music entrepreneur. You can Google or Youtube “Delon Om” and will find a ton of great music content which is an inspiration to myself and all other artists. It isn’t easy to prioritize online presence and Delon is setting a great example for all of us to show that we can improve this facet of our careers. It takes work but Delon reminds us to not let this aspect of our game lag behind.

You can visit Delon’s Instagram feed at:

Please enjoy Delon's song "What We Guh Do Now" Featuring Juno nominated artist Trinity Chris

Not only is Delon a promising songwriter but he has also earned his PhD and teaches at a prominent Canadian university. Throughout all of this Delon’s musical ambitions have never wavered, in fact they are as strong as ever. Delon is currently working with local musicians (including a track or two collab-ing with yours truly), beat makers, recording engineers, and producers to put something very special together which we will be announcing in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for new music from Delon. Great work bro you inspire us to be better!



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