November Announcements

Hello, I hope your having a great week so far.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and let you know of some exciting things that are going on with myself, the Music Entrepreneur Blog, and by extension, yourself!

First off, as of this week I am creating and sticking to a schedule that will see new articles released twice a week.

1. Scheduling:

On Tuesdays: On Tuesdays I will be releasing informative articles such as the content you have become used to seeing on the TME Blog. This means more information and content about succeeding as a professional musician.

On Fridays: Every Friday I will be featuring a new Artist (Starting with the talented Delon Om, featuring this Friday). I love finding artists that are working hard to succeed with music. There are so many different ways of doing things and it is by opening our minds and learning new things that we can truly be inspired and expand our horizons. On top of celebrating these individuals I will be highlighting specific strategies and strengths exemplified by my featured artists so that we can all learn from what has made them successful in their own ways.

Consistency is key and so I am committing myself to this schedule to ensure the greatest amount of growth possible for all TME followers.

2. New (powerful) Content:

I’ve been hard at work playing gigs and settling back into life at home in Canada. I would have to say that my main area of focus has to this point been to teach you how to find performance gigs and students to teach. Being a music entrepreneur is SO much more than that though.

Since arriving home I’ve begun new partnerships co-writing and recording with several artists, am playing bigger and better gigs, and am partnering up with several companies to increase the range of content I am qualified to provide you with. The whole concept of being a “Music Entrepreneur” is evolving as I go and is growing to include many more opportunities that I did not see happening during TME’s first year. This includes me working with Long and McQuade music store to give in-store seminars about succeeding with music. It also includes me doing all kinds of other random things such as partnering with Uber to find success as a full-time musician. The sky really is the limit for us and the content coming in the next few months will truly help you step up your game and live the life of an artist. You will be your own boss! I can’t wait.

3. The YouTube Channel timeline:

The TME YouTube Channel which I have been discussing for some time now is almost ready to launch. I am currently filming so that I can have a decent amount of content to browse so we can hit the ground running. You can expect to see this content being uploaded as early as January.


TME is stepping up its game with consistent releases, great new content that will make life as a music entrepreneur more achievable, and a YouTube Channel to compliment the blog portion of TME. I would love your feedback. If there are any challenges you are facing as a musician then please reach out to me. I’d love to incorporate your feedback into an upcoming article and answer your questions. Feel free to comment down below or on the TME Community page.

The future is exciting..keep working hard you are on your way!



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