This Week’s Featured Artist is Paul Woida

Jul 27, 2017 | Featured Artists

This week’s “Music Entrepreneur Featured Artist” was a no brainer for me. I discovered Paul Woida on Instagram and immediately was struck by not only his talent but also his positive energy. I’ve since learned that he is a Canadian much like myself and as I’m moving home to Canada after 2 years in Scotland this seemed like a sign! On top of being a top notch and accredited musician with a great voice he is also a great person and role model! Let’s get to know him better.

With one look at Paul’s schedule on his website (Click Here to check it out) it is clear that his talent is in demand as he is booked up for live gigs all the way into August of next year. I am always excited to demonstrate talented musicians making a living with their passion for music. Paul is one of these artists showing us that with hard work and dedication we can create a life centred around our love of music. He’s also pretty deadly with his looping pedal!

Paul has many accolades to his name including winning the Hot 107 $10,000 Hot Factor Competition, placing first in the Edmonton Landmark Showcase Competition, opening for Meghan Trainor, and more. These victories as well as the talent you hear on his videos makes him an obvious candidate for the weekly feature here, but I really want to showcase

On top of balancing a music career and creating great online content to reach his fanbase, Paul finds the time and commitment to take part in fundraisers and other endeavours that make our world a better place. He is involved with the EPower Anti-Bullying Campaign (<=Link Attached) touring schools across Canada spreading awareness about anti bullying.

Being your own boss and having a music career can be very time consuming but it also gives us a voice and an opportunity to do good things in our corners of the World. Thanks Paul for inspiring us to be great musicians and to give back to our communities!

Below is a link to Paul’ cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” on YouTube. Please give it a thumbs up and a share so we can spread the talent of this talented and caring artist!


You can follow Paul on Twitter by clicking right here! : @paulwoidamusic

Paul, all the best pal! You’re doing great and I know you’ll continue to do so. When you do things for the love of it and give back when you can then you will have a fulfilling life and a successful career doing what you love to do.


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