Madison Clements is a young singer from Louisville, Kentucky who is very passionate about singing and sharing music with the world. Madison is another young inspiring artist and is the perfect “Featured Artist” to follow my last article of “Strategies for Reaching People with your Original Music”.

At 18 years of age Madison has earned a commendable following of 62.2k people on Instagram. Imagine having such an amazing platform of followers with which to share music!? Madison has made that dream a reality. With my last article being about ways to reach people with music on social media Madison is a prime example to point out how important it is to “go for it” and use social media as a tool to reach the world. It is possible, Madison has done it and with passion and hard work you can too!

In Madison’s own words this is how she achieved this milestone:

“I’m 18 years old and I live in Louisville, Ky. Soon, i’ll be moving to Nashville for college where I’ll attend Trevecca-Nazarene University and pursue a music business major. I guess I could tell you my instagram “story”. As long as I can remember, I’ve been singing every chance I get. I used to sing at church when i was little and in choir. I have always loved to sing, but my busy schedule makes it hard to perform anywhere. Therefore, I began posting youtube videos of me singing for family and friends. Eventually, I started posting little clips of my videos on instagram to encourage my friends and family to go watch the youtube video. One morning, I woke up, and my notifications were going off nonstop. I later discovered that one of my videos had been posted on a well-known singing page called @thegoodvoice. I gained over a 1000 followers that day. Many people began to dm me and tell me i should create a singing account. I created the account and started posting regularly each week. The account continued to grow, and now i’m beginning to build a fanbase. It’s hard to believe I created the account a year and a half ago. I feel like it’s only been a short while. My main goal for this summer is to put an original song out on iTunes for my fans and followers. I’m in the process of working on a few songs, so my hope is to finish one soon that hopefully my fans will enjoy.”

I put a couple of sentences that stuck out to me in bold. Madison is passionate about her singing but she also had to work hard and be consistent. Those are two keys to building a successful following online and putting yourself out there to be found by your future fans!

(Below: Madison beautifully performs the song “Mary did you know”)

Madison, thanks for sharing your beautiful voice with the world and for being an inspiration for us to keep posting our vids and working hard to find fans. You don’t need to be a gigging artist to be heard. You don’t need a record contract to share your music and touch the world. You can find success on your own terms.

Below are the links to Madison’s social media pages. I hope you all love her voice as much as I do!




We wish you every success with everything you do Madison and please feel free to post in the community page to give us updates on how you’re doing and to promote any of your future work!